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Each job we do is different from the next and therefore we are not able to provide you a set pricing structure online. However, we're happy for you to call us a for a free cost estimate or a free quote. All you need to do is contact us, we will provide an estimate or come to your home or business to assess what is required to do the job and then provide you with a verbal or written quote. Please understand that once you approve a quote you are financially obliged to allow us to complete the job, if you cancel all or any part of the job, you will be liable for any outstanding costs associated with that job.

Your invoice from us will provide you with the costs of material and labour as set out in the quote.

Depending on the type of job, you may be required to pay up front for material costs before the work commences. After all work is completed you will be required to pay the remainder of the quote within 7 days from the final invoice date.

An example customer quote: A hole in a dry wall (Gyprock wall) like a door knob or fist through the wall, will require us to come to your house 3 times. We will need to cover our time driving to your premises and the actual time to do the job. Three travel costs, plus one and a half hours labour plus materials. The total cost being $260.00 approximately. If you would like us to match the wall paint that will cost an additional $45 to $60 for the paint depending on the paint required.

Of course when we are visiting your home, it is more cost effective for you, to list the number of jobs to do at the same time. This will reduce the over all cost of each job. You could add things like replacing tap valves, fix cupboard door hing or broken handles or other holes in the walls, painting a room or even welding a broken outdoor gate. Check out what we can do HERE and if your job isn't listed just ring and ask.

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